Aamir Ali Refuse The Proposal Of Bigg Boss 14

Colors Tv Bigg Boss 14 has been one of the most anticipated shows of the year. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but fans are still reeling from the season. It was one of the most successful seasons of all time and that’s why fans have high expectations of Bigg Boss 14.

The controversial reality show has had its promos out and fans are already excited about the show. Since the show was announced, fans have been excited to find out who will be participating in the questionable reality show. There are many names of celebrities who have taken courses on the internet who can be a part of this show.

Now, according to the information received in Bigg Boss 14, Aamir Ali has been contacted to participate in the show but the actor has refused the offer. He was offered a large sum of money. Budgets are tight this year but Aamir has been offered the biggest amount. He is a well known face and while some women have been locked up for the show, but famous male names have been locked up.

Sources told Salman khan had spent Rs 15.5 crore per installment last year. This time, it has raised the price to Rs 200 crore. While the three-month period is working at Rs 480 crore, the authors and they agreed to seal the deal at Rs 450 crore. Fees are usually for promos and virtual press conferences. Endemol farmers are willing to pay wages because they know that Salman is the main reason for the show’s high TRP.

Although the channel has offered Aamir a lucrative deal, the actor has not agreed. Talking about host Salman Khan, he recorded Rs 450 crore with Colors and Endemol India as per the record in Midday. What is the contract of Rs. We were learning that he is being paid Rs. 250 crore in the coming winter but business experts say that it is too little for the brother.

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