Balraj Syal Going To Join Bigg Boss 14 House Next Week

Bigg Boss Season 14 hasn’t started yet, but it create a lot of hype in public. This is the time of year when Bigg Boss 14 promos end and we start considering who will be part of the show. By this time, our favorite host, Salman Khan, has started shooting for Bigg Boss promos, but this year has been the most serious.

The corona virus has stopped everything. If reports are to be considered, hosted by Salman Khan, the reality TV show will premiere from the end of September. The makers of the show are very careful with the sets. There were a lot of updates on the front of the show which upset the fans for the show. However, many celebrities have come forward who can be a part of the show like Karan Kundra, Naya Sharma, Vivian de Cena, Sarbhi Jyoti, Jasmine Bhasan, Bilraj Sial, who was seen in Shahnaz Gul and Paras Chhabra’s Will Marry Me, will play the role of Bigg Boss 14.

Bilraj Sial is currently identified in Khatron’s Space 10. They’ve reached the end of a stunt-based reality show. Sources close to Spot Boy said, “Bilraj Sial has been approached to play in the current season and he has also expressed concern. However, matters between him and the producers have not been finalized yet. Recently, there were shots of Bigg Boss’ new season tagline being out. A report from Punk Villa states that the tagline for the new season is “Bigg Boss 14 Hoga Dahlna”.

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