Bigg Boss 14 Team Meet With Karan Patel For The Show

Karan Patel’s looks Like Salman Khan is receiving a huge amount for the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 14, Charu Asupa and husband Rajiv Sen’s tired marriage A lot of things fell. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a week’s worth of TV newsmakers. Karan Patel made headlines this week when his new look emerged. He replaced Karan Singh Grover with Mr. Bajaj in KZK 2 and fans are enjoying his offering of salt and pepper. Karan Patel gave his first reaction to the offer. In an interview with Pankuela, he said, “When I was approached, I felt like Mr. Bajaj was a famous and challenging character.

Before that, Ront Roy did it and then Kiran did a good job. So, before saying yes, I wondered if I could blame him and then I took a day or two and then decided. Charu Asopa and Rajiv Sen Sen have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The two were last married in June.

However, according to reports, things have not improved between them. The couple did not celebrate their first wedding anniversary and are living separately. It has been reported that Charo Asopa and Rajiv Sen have deleted their photos from social media. Yes, they both deleted all their photos in general and their wedding photos from their Instagram accounts. This made the audience think that the two have separated. Talking to SpotBoy, Rajiv said that he is in a prosperous zone while Charu declined to comment.

Also, this is the love actress Shirin Mirza has responded to the rumors of being a part of her show. In an interview with the Times of India, he said, “It would be premature to comment on my participation in the realistic TV show Bigg Boss 14. However, if I do, people will treat me as a different person. Although I follow this show and I love to watch it, I am not really sure about doing the show. “As Shirin Mirza who is Karan Patel’s on-screen sister, this is Mohabbati working in Yen. Chakki said that Kiran would be the best person to enter the uncertain reality show. He is funny and also a nonsense person. He can be a strong opponent of many people.

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