Everything Will Be Changed Salman Khan Told In Bigg Boss 14 Promo

Due to corona virus pandemics, the show could not air in time and was delayed. Now, we saw the teaser of the show and it has definitely started us all for the new season. We also saw pictures of Salman Khan outside a studio in Mumbai.

The actor is asking for promos for this new season. Salman Khan’s stylist Ashley Rebello also got a picture of him from the set. Now, the show’s promo is released. In the promo, we see Salman Khan saying that 2020 has raised a question about the game and the time to answer it. He said the answers would be given with lots of entertainment and parties. He also talked about the changes seen in the film which will enhance the entertainment space.

So yoga is going on, rice is running and tractor is running. The scene will change on Monday,” he says, encouraging viewers to change the timing of the new season of Bigg Boss 14. “BB14, just coming soon on Ring,” the TV posted with the video. Many names of celebrities have come forward who can be a part of the show like Naya Sharma, Sarabhi Jyoti, Jasmine Bhasan, Marjawan actress in love Alisha Panwar, Pavithra Pania, Ishq Basaz actress Mansi Srivastava.

Earlier, a teaser shot by the actor at his penniless farmhouse was posted by the channel on his social media handle. In the video of Bigg Boss 14, we see Salman Khan working in his farmhouse. He can be seen planting rice in a paddy field and starting a tractor. “Lockdown brings speed breakers into normal life.

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